Speaker Coaching

Delivering an effective clear presentation or speech is for most a challenging and nerve wracking experience and to combat that is the reason Des joined forces with Integra Communications director Louise Third, a lady with over 20 years coaching experience to launch a vibrant and powerful speaker coaching programme.


‘Our speaker-coaching day frees you from any fears and turns you into a confident, effective, and powerful speaker.’

Des and Louise both from different backgrounds of the communications industry apply their individual experiences to deliver an innovative speaker – coaching programme to the public, private, or charity sector.

Held at specially sourced centres across the UK, delegates will leave the workshop with greater confidence, new techniques on overcoming nerves, more effective speech content and tips on how to use their voice more powerfully.

Des say’s ‘those skilled with the ability to speak well are envied by the rest who consider it a talent that can’t be taught. That’s simply wrong, we draw on your strengths with customised work sessions and give you the tools that turn you into a skilled speaker.’

Louise Third adds; ‘We don’t show people how to hide behind the usual PowerPoint presentations, we work toward individual targets using established speaker coaching techniques in a training format that’s fun, unique and effective.’

To book, please contact Louise Third at Integra Communications enquiries@integracommunications.co.uk